Tools & Technologies for feeling happy, healthy and whole

Featuring children of the African Diaspora


As a student and teacher of Kundalini and Radiant Child Family yoga, meditation, and mind body tools, I have always longed for visual reminders that represented me. Yoga originated in Africa and India, but that history and heritage is often lost or appropriated. With Warriors of Light™, my goal was to see myself, my children, my students and my community represented in the increasingly visible world of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. These cards and posters provide a way to build strong relationships, confidence and a practical means of fostering healing, self-awareness and unity.

As Warriors of Light™ we are connecting with our greatness through the tools and technologies our ancestors passed down to us. These simple and effective tools tap into the amazing strength and healing abilities within us and are available to everyone.  The techniques are an art and a science that only require that we show up and practice. I hope you enjoy the Warriors of Light™ cards and posters; use them often and reconnect day after day with the power within you to be a happy, healthy and a whole human being.

When you are your full self, bright shiny and confident, you are a warrior of light, bringing truth into every space in which you walk. You can always be that light in the darkness. These tools help you to connect with your greatness, the greatness has always been there, the greatness of you.


How to use them

These cards feature poses, movements and breathing exercises for…children, youth and adults alike.

Have fun! Play!

Tap into your natural ability to balance your energy, change your mind and your mood.

They can be used for practice and play.

Use them as an outlet for high energy.

Create and strengthen relationships between students and staff/kids and adults.

Use with consistency to create fun and healthy ritual and routine.

Did we mention having fun?

Make your own game.

Use them in a space or room in your school, organization, community center or home as a way to create community and inclusive, positive classroom culture.

Warriors of Light™ Team

  • Created by Rebeka Ndosi
  • Illustrations by Qaadir King
  • Graphic Design by Liv Williams
  • Original Photos by Destiny Roberts
  • Made possible by a seed grant from the Catalyst Initiative
  • and support from People’s Movement Center

Warriors of Light™ Workshops, Classes and Consulting

Contact Rebeka for scheduling and pricing.

One Hour Quick Start Training

  • Section 1: Breaths
  • Section 2: Be Flexible
  • Section 3 Be Still
  • Section 4 Be Strong

Using Warriors of Light™ with your youth and in your space

Four Hour Workshop

  • Overview: About Warriors of Light™ tools; Origins of the tools
  • How to use Warriors of Light™ in conjunction with social emotional learning (SEL)
  • Section 1: Breaths
  • Section 2: Be Flexible
  • Section 3 Be Still
  • Section 4 Be Strong

Using Warriors of Light™ with your youth and in your space

Setting up a Meditation Room or Space at your school, community center, organization or home (Consultation with Rebeka) 2 hours

Six-week Movement & Meditation Class Series with Rebeka

(times can be tailored to your schedule.)

  • Elementary  (suggested length: 30 minutes)
  • Middle School  (suggested length: 40 minutes)
  • High School  (suggested length: 60 minutes)
  • Adults/Staff (suggested length 60-90 minutes)

Longer class series are available. Contact Rebeka for more information.