About the People’s Movement Center

The People’s Movement Center (PMC) is a collective of people of color and indigenous, of queer and trans practitioners and healers. We believe that our purpose is to heal and be healed, to open space for the healing in justice and the justice in healing. Our intention is to bring forward marginalized and isolated healing practices, wisdoms, healers and practitioners. We are committed to doing local work, feeling a commitment to the land we practice on.

​We know that trauma and systems of supremacy depend on disconnection. We focus our work on connection and reconnection of the self with the self, the self with community and the self with land and spirit.

​We use our space for individual healing sessions, for group and collective healing spaces, and for all kinds of experiential learning and celebration. Past events have included Collective Bodywork Days and Wellness Weekends, focused healing spaces for Black organizers in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and for API organizers, solidarity trainings for Standing Rock, and workshops on disability justice with Eli Clare, healing justice with Cara Page, and transformative justice with Mia Mingus. We’ve done Theater of the Oppressed trainings, Movement Labs, and workshops on Writing from the Body.