Empowering youth of color, especially those from foster care, in their transition to adulthood.

Irreducible Grace Foundation (IGF) creates a safe space and community for youth to share and reflect on their life struggles and successes. They provide opportunities for mentoring and life-skill development. Through the use of theater arts, written and spoken word, we foster youth voice.  In every activity and action, IGF strives to be a model of youth voice inclusion at every level of the organization. They believe in the motto: “Nothing is for us if planned without us.”

IGF Healing from Trauma Workshops

Fostering Health and Well Being: Youth and young adults from Irreducible Grace Foundation were involved, during (2016-17) for over 12 weeks in mind-body healing training, funded by a Catalyst Seed Grant from the George Family Foundation. As one of the first youth of color cohorts to receive this focused work, their goal was to share their learning and experiences with their community. This entirely youth led, arts based, workshop series includes audience participation, poetry, puppetry and performances focused on topics such as: symptoms of stress, the biology of breath, identifying triggershealing from trauma, practicing resilience, breathing techniques and self-care!

Check out our “Connect with ME” video, featuring members of IGF sharing ways they tune in and engage their bodies, minds and spirits.

For more information on IGF, visit irgrace.org